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NANUC 800 chamber

Cancer research tools and technologies

The infrastructure at the University of Alberta for cancer drug discovery research spans a range of state of the art technologies.

We are involved in finding and validating new cancer targets, solving their 3D structures, identifying drug lead molecules, optimizing their properties and evaluating their activities in biological cells through to (pre)clinical trials.

We welcome you to visit, tour our facilities and talk to motivated scientists about their exciting work.

Figure: Pipeline of lead discovery and development activities

Tours of scientific laboratories are organized by teams of scientists from the University of Alberta who present at our events. Students and postdocs are invited to give give short talks for the public about their exciting cancer research results and to give a public tour of their lab.

Affinity-based Assays at Molscreen
Clinical Trials: Cancer
Clinical Trials: Cardiovascular
Clinical Trials: NACTRC
Computational chemistry
Containment: Prions
Containment: Viruses
Electron Microscopy
Glycan Structure
Flow Cytometry
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Mass Spectrometry: Chemistry
Mass Spectrometry: Metabolomics
Mass Spec/Proteomics
Medicinal chemistry
Polymer vehicles
Pharmaceutical design: DDIC
Protein Production
RNAi Core
X-ray Crystallography